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Applications of silicone RFID tag

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RFID(radio frequency identification devices)


Due to sealing by silicone,the features of RFID can be suitable for a variety of work environment with high durability.Now it used put into daily life more widely according to its features,such as Laundry,Airport parcel, Parcel tracking, amusement parks, beach, patient identification, maternal and child identification, prison management, managed care, livestock management,etc.



● Material: Silicone

● Frequency: 860-960MHz

● Protocol: ISO 18000-6C

● storage capacity: 96bit 512Bits

● read and write distance: (2-5) m

● erase cycles: ≥10 million times

● Data retention: 10 years

● Temperature: -20 ℃ - + 110 ℃

● Size: (± 0.2mm)customized


The silicone RFID tag is light and soft, strong, durable and flexible,water proof,anti-tearing,anti-pressure,heat resistant.There is no need to worry about the temperature of wash water and other conditions, such as bending or squeezing during washing, dry,

Ironing procedure more than 200 time. It also can be used in a variety of clothing without affecting the wearing comfort at the same time.          

Without touching, the ultra-high frequency RFID tags can be read instantly, which can greatly improve the efficiency and management of clothing. It help to makes the management work of uniforms more efficient and accurate by controlling the detailed location and situation of each clothes,as well as specific location of each piece of laundry and status, frequency of use or replacement of deadlines. All these can be true ,only need track the clothes sewn with Washable RFID tag.


It comply with the international standard of UHF RFID ISO / IEC18000-6 C "EPCglobal Class1 Generation2", that is to say it can use the current market of readers and antennas

Reading the information, so the system will be easier to build. In addition, The features that  read many RFID tag’s information in an instant without contact will make the work efficiency Increased dramatically.

It improves greatly the general performance in different regions and countries to achieve a worldwide track for location and management by reading the signal in a same distance covered a wide range of different bands in different countries.

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