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the cleaning &using method of silicone kitchenware

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The use &clean method of silicone kitchenware.

Q:What should be paid attention to when use silicone kitchenware in the first time?

A:Clean under flowing water,get rid of dust on surface.In the meanwhile,you can also clean with boiled water.

 In general,it need a maintenance by covering a butter layer before first using.But it never need in next using.

Youd better to fill the empty mold cavity with water if there is any.Or else,leaving empty cavity in oven will shorten the life time.


Q:How to clean silicone kitchenware?

A:Normal clean method like other kitchenware is available.

  Clean in water directly or dipping in water for 10-30 minutes after using with soft cleaning tool.

Any sharp tool will scratch or break the surface.Dry it in cool space and pack it in cabinet or drawer,not leaving it outside for long time if not using.


Q:Where is the location of silicone bakeware in oven?

A:The silicone bakeware should be placed on the center of oven,5-10cm away from heat tube to keep safe.The high temperature will harm to the bakeware if it is too close to the oven wall.


Q:The silicone bakeware can be used in Oven?

A:Most silicone products can be used in oven,microwave oven,freezer,since the working temperature is from -40°C to +230°C.

Some items with other plastic or metal parts are not suitable for using in oven.

Please read the instructions before using to avoid any damage during using.

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