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How to distinguish real and fake silicone rubber products

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Those products,made of silicone rubber as the main raw material, are called silicone products in total.Silicone is a kind compound with muti-holes,which is different,after dehydration of silicate gel.It’s open porous structure, which can adsorb many substances, is a kind of very good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

Silicone product,methyl vinyl silicone rubber is the base gum, joining all kinds of packing (reinforcing agent, heat resistant agent, modifier, etc.) through mixing, book, filter, add sulfur, moulding, extrusion, adhesive and so on production process.Silicone products related to our life, whether a remote control, keyboard, scanner, or mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, or other products ,are closely related with the silicone products.

Silica gel products are widely used in watch manufacturing industry also.
Silicone products can be high and low temperature resistance which makes it can still be used for a long time under 200 ℃, keeping elastic under 60 ℃;

Within 20-200 ℃,the dielectric strength is hardly affected by temperature due to its excellent electrical insulation properties;

Silicone products have excellent weather resistance,and it is resistant to ozone and ultraviolet light, to keep long-term use without crack outdoors;

Silicone products also have good processing properties and advantages, which is easy molding by extrusion or hot air vulcanization molding, molding, rolling molding method to produce a variety of products.

How to discern between true and false silicone products:

From the use of touch: silicone products is toughness, which has good elasticity and is not easy to permanently deformation due to external force, and its touch feel is smooth.

Those easy deformation and counterfeit silicone products, together with rough touch feeling, is fake,because of fake of the surface of the silica gel products without a grease material.
From the application features: silicone products are non-toxic, tasteless ,colorless product, good quality of a material, no harm to human body, but generally fake silicone products barely achieve these effects, fake and inferior products usually have bad odorous smell and tough surface.

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