Knowledge on baby's toothbrush

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Q:Why babies need toothbrush when they are 6 months old?


A:The baby tooth grow up when baby are about 6 moths old.At this moment,the structure surface of tooth is not hard enough while their ordinary food is sweet and soft,which is help for dental germ growing and breeding.That is why new born tooth is easy to hurt by saprodontia.Parents need to control feeding quantity of sweet food,most of all,clean baby’s mouth to get rid of dental plaque.Therefor,babies need a finger tip brush to keep their mouth clean.


Q: How to choose baby toothbrush?


A:1.The material should be soft,non toxic,healthy and elastic.It will be helpful to clean the surface and space between tooth.

 2.The brush head should be round without any sharp point.The thickness of brush fiber should be suitable.It is easy to get transformation if too thin while too thick,it will harm to gum.

 3.The handle of toothbrush should be suitable.(12cm is suitable)

 4.It is suggested that a wide with anti-skidding design on handle is best for baby to hold,since baby ‘s hand is small and their control on objects is weak.This kind of toothbrush is easy for baby catching so that it is hard to hurt baby’s mouth.

 5.It is better to change baby’s toothbrush every 2-3 months.One side,it avoid too much germ on toothbrush,the other,keep its normal function.


Q:Is there any special requirements on clean and storage for baby’s toothbrush?


A:Silicone finger tip toothbrush is made of food grade silicone material,which is nontoxic,healthy,and its working temperature is -40°C-260°C.Put it into boiling water for about 5 minutes and keep it dry.


Q:How to use toothbrush correctly?


A:1.The correct brushing method is from top to bottom straightly on upper tooth,from bottom to up on nether tooth,inside or outside,brushing every side of tooth.Babies always brush horizontally when they study to brush themselves,but doing like this will not clean mouth thoroughly,moreover,it will hurt gum.

 2.It is suggested that babies learn to brush with parents company,guiding and encouraging,help toddlers keep good habit on brushing.


Q:The correct brushing method for toddlers in different ages.


A:1.The brushing method for 6 -18 months toddlers:first,moms sit on sofa or bed,toddlers lie down on moms’ arms,then,clean toddlers’ mouth with silicone finger brush with warm boiled water from inside to outside.

 2.For 18-36 months toddlers,kids can stand or sit on chair,moms stand side or back of kids with a hand fix kids’ head or mouth,another hand clean with warm boiled water.

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