how to choose the suitable swimming cap in summer?

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Hot summer is coming!What can be better than swimming in cool pool or ocean with your family?Never forget to bring swim cap and goggles with you and help you to enjoy the cool journey to protect your hair and your eyes.We first talk about the swim caps.


There are some kinds of material of swim caps,such as latex,lycra,but the most popular nowadays is the ones made of silicone material.


The advantages of silicone swim caps:

1,Protecting hair from salt water in ocean or in swimming pool cleaned with chemical.

2,Protecting hair from wet and keeping temperature of body in cool water.

3,No disturbing swimmers attention,such as hair on face when they swim.

4.They can be expanded to certain to be suitable for people with short hair or long hair because of its elastic force.In general,an ordinal adult size is enough.

5.Soft touch feeling.


How to take care of silicone swim cap?

Keeping the caps out of sunlight directly and sharp objects as well as chemical.Clean and dry it after using.


How to wear silicone swimming cap?

Because of its High elastic force,we need to expand the both sides of the cap with our hands,then,put the expended cap onto head.Next,release hands.Alt last,adjust the cap to comfort our heads.


Why MH Industrys swim cap is popular in market?

Our silicone swim caps are made of anti-tearing silicone material with high elastic force,therefore,they are durable and reusable.High quality from our factory impress customers very much.

Beyond above advantages,our swim caps also can be colorful,which is important when swim in open water,ocean,lake,river.All colors are available according to Pantone code.

In addition,complex printing designs on caps make our swim caps much more attractive.

The competitive factory price together with professional service help us to be the excellent supplier or manufacturer for customers all over the world.

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