Applications of coated glass fiber with silicone rubber

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                Applications of coated glass fiber with silicone rubber


●Introduce of cladding silicone rubber

1.Characters of heat-resistance

 150°C---the usage features can not be changed at all;

 200°C---can be used for a long time;

 350°C---can be used for a short time;

Characters of cold-resistance

 -70°C---great elasticity

2.Electrical property

High resistance rate, basically,it will not change along with the change of the electric frequency and temperature;

Resistant to high voltage, it can resist arc discharge on high voltage condition and corona discharge;

Can be made of conductive silicone rubber adding  conductive material;



3.Characters of weather resistance

Features will not be changed on ultraviolet ray for a long time and other weather conditions.

4.common varieties of silicone rubber

RTV (Room vulcanized silicone rubber)

HTV (High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber)

Liquid silicone rubber


●The summary of glass fiber cladding products

1.Basic Technology

Dip coating;

Characters of Dip coating

Fully infiltrated in the inner structure;

good  Colloidal adhesion

Suitable for system with small Colloid viscosity


High production efficiency;

Coating is uniform and stable;

Good appearance;

Suitable for system with big Colloid viscosity ;

3.Rolling method

Coating is uniform and stable;

Good appearance;

Low production efficiency;

Suitable for large quantity,the characters is close to rubber.


High production efficiency;

Coating is uniform and stable;

Good appearance;

Suitable for the compound of film & tape with glass fiber.


5.Other methods




●Detailed applications in daily life

1.Place mat on table


heat-resistance,easy to clean,smooth surface;


High temperature tolerance -40---260°C;


It’s characters make the silicone glass fiber sheet popular in daily kitchen,using as place mat on table,baking mat,dough mat.


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