How to choose a teether for baby?

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Most babies like to put things into their mouth from 4 or 5 months later because they find that it makes themselves

 comfortable.They chew on things,such as fingers,toys,blanket.


Teetherare designed to satisfied babiesbiting,which are usually made of plastic,wood and silicone.At present market,

silicone teethers are much more popular now.


But do you know how to choose a suitable teether for baby?

First of all,a teether that can be easily put into babys mouth,so suitable size and shape are important.

Second,suitable material,not too hard or too soft.A teether can help baby fell great and do good to their teeth growth. 

Silicone teether behave well and you can choose the best suitable hardness according on baby's different age.

Third,Healthy and safe enough.The silicone teether are made of food grade silicone,which is easy to clean,resuable,tasteless,no easy to clean,reusable,tasteless,non toxic,BPA free.

So silicone teether is good choice for baby.Moreover,our silicone teething beads can be good toys for releasing baby teething pain and they can be fashion jewelry for moms.

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